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I work as an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Georgia Institute of Technology. I earned my PhD in Management and Organization at Pennsylvania State University, and my Masters in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. My research explores the micro-foundations of (in)equity and wellness in organizations through the theoretical lens of stigma. I primarily engage in field research (often drawing upon qualitative methodologies), and some of my favorite research contexts are non-profits, small businesses, social enterprises, and academic institutions. Some of my published work can be found in Organization Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (OBHDP), Organization StudiesOrganizational Psychology Review, and Industrial-Organizational Perspectives. View my full CV with information about professional memberships, presentations, academic service, and journal reviews here. 

Due to to my own upbringing in small and non-profit organizations, I am deeply passionate about bridging research with practice towards the ultimate goal of helping our communities, organizations, and society become more equitable. Given that colleges and universities are often sites that reproduce (or mitigate) inequities, I created a course for MBA and undergraduate business school students called Work, Equity, and Wellness. Learners in this class leverage research and cases about DEI, and practice creating more equitable and sustainable approaches to work.

Outside of the classroom and ivory tower, I study and teach yoga, meditation, and rest-based practices.  I created WHOLE (a journey for Black Indigenous and Women of Color in Academia who want to unravel + resist harmful approaches to work through meditative practices). This program, which began in 2019, bridges my own and other scholars’ research on work, equity, and wellness with embodied practices such as meditation and deep relaxation. It, selfishly, also fulfills my own desire to experience recovery and care within community.

I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I am also actively involved in the important work of  Yoga, Literature, & Art Camp at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA.

Overall, I am on a mission to to help workplaces and organizations become more equitable through a lens of wholeness. I enjoy speaking about the Work Equity and Wellness curriculum to workplaces, organizations, and other university classes.

Perhaps most importantly, I am on a mission to practice living through a lens of wholeness each day.  To creatively make space for myself, beyond my work.  With this, I love being an auntie, a member of some amazing friend groups, and indulging in snacks. I enjoy dream journals, languages, traveling, deep convos, and geeking out about astrology + the cosmos.

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May you feel free – no matter what.